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Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to a good vary of on-line business activities for products and services.


It additionally pertains to “any style of business dealings within which the

parties act electronically instead of by physical exchanges or direct physical contact.”

E-commerce is sometimes related to shopping for and commercialism over the net, or conducting

any dealings involving the transfer of possession or rights to use merchandise or services

through a computer-mediated network. although standard, this definition isn’t comprehensive

enough to capture recent developments during this new and revolutionary business



A a lot of complete definition is: E-commerce is that the use of electronic communications

and digital information science technology in business transactions to make,

transform, and redefine relationships for worth creation between or among organizations,

and between organizations and people.


The question, e-commerce is that the same as e-business or not.While some use e-commerce and e-business interchangeably, they’re distinct ideas.and therefore we tend to should say,


In e-commerce, data and engineering (ICT) is employed in inter-business

or inter-organizational transactions (transactions between and among firms/organizations)

and in business-to-consumer transactions (transactions between firms/organizations and



In e-business, on the opposite hand, ICT is employed to boost one’s business. It includes any

process that a business (either a for-profit, governmental or non-profit entity)

conducts over a computer-mediated network.


A a lot of comprehensive definition of e-businesses:

“The transformation of associate organization’s processes to deliver extra client worth

through the appliance of technologies, philosophies and computing paradigm of the new



Three primary processes area unit increased in e-business:


  1. Production processes, that embrace procurance, ordering and filling of

stocks; process of payments; electronic links with suppliers; and production management processes,

among others;

  1. Customer-focused processes, that embrace promotional and promoting efforts, selling

over the net, process of customers’ purchase orders and payments, and client

support, among others; and

  1. Internal management processes, that embrace worker services, training, internal

information-sharing, video-conferencing, and recruiting. Electronic applications enhance

information flow between production and sales departments to enhance sales force productivity.

Work cluster communications and electronic business enterprise of internal business data area unit

likewise created a lot of economical.

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