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Consumer-to-Consumer eCommerce

C2C is solely commerce between private people or customers.
This type of e-commerce is characterised by the expansion of electronic marketplaces and on-line
auctions, notably in vertical industries wherever firms/businesses will bid for what they
want from among multiple suppliers.16 It maybe has the best potential for developing
new markets.

This type of e-commerce comes in a minimum of 3 forms:

• auctions expedited at a portal, admire eBay, that permits on-line time period bidding on
items being sold-out within the Web;
• peer-to-peer systems, admire the Napster model (a protocol for sharing files between users
used by chat forums like IRC) and different file exchange and later cash exchange
models; and
• commercials at portal sites admire Excite Classifieds and eWanted , Pakwheels.com (an
interactive, on-line marketplace wherever patrons and sellers will hash out and that options
“Buyer Leads & need Ads”).

Consumer-to-business (C2B) transactions involve reverse auctions, that empower the buyer
to drive transactions. A concrete example of this once competitive airlines provides a
traveler best travel and price tag offers in response to the traveller’s post that she needs to fly
from big apple to city.
There is very little info on the relative size of world C2C e-commerce. However, C2C
figures of widespread C2C sites admire eBay and Napster indicate that this market is kind of
large. These sites turn out a lot of bucks in sales each day.

Advantages of C2C sites

Consumer to shopper eCommerce has several advantages. The business model of C2C is extremely
interesting.The primary profit that customers get is reduction in value as compared to
buying house of their adds on different eCommerce sites that appear to be quite big-ticket.People
interested in commercialism their things will post their individual things at no cost or with tokenish charge
depending on the c2c web site.This ends up in formation of a profitable client base. C2C
websites kind an ideal platform for patrons and sellers WHO want to shop for and sell product of
similar interest.This ends up in increase in traveler to client conversion quantitative relation.Another profit
is that business homeowners will simply afford the low value of maintaining C2C websites and earn
good profits rather than shopping for or hiring a store that might value heaps.Another major and
point these websites have is that private things like watch ,shoes etc are often purchased and
sold with ease that isn’t just in case of different varieties of eCommerce.

Disadvantages of C2C sites

There ar one or two of disadvantages to those style of sites further.Doing group action on
these style of websites needs co-operation between the customer and vender.It has been noted
many times that these 2 don’t co-operate with one another once a group action has been
made.They do not share the group action info which can be via credit or open-end credit
or net banking.This can end in on-line fraud since the customer and vender aren’t terribly
well versed with one another.This can result in proceeding being obligatory on either ends or additionally
on the location if it’s not mentioned the disclaimer in it’s terms and conditions.This may
also hamper the c2c website’s name.Companies that handle shopper to shopper
ecommerce websites appear to own turning into terribly cautious to stop on-line scams

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