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Building ecommerce sites Vs eCommerce enticing websites


  • Step 1 -Setup Secure Hosting

An eCommerce enticing websitess should be hosted on its own ip address, that is, hosted securely. This enables “https” in the URL and is often required to perform e-commerce. Your site very often can be on shared server using static ip address. This adds so small monthly cost to your website hosting.

  • Step 2- Site Design Templates

We encourage e-commerce vendors to purchase templates from variety of template providers. Although we are happy to build custom template for your site, we will discover that prepackaged templates can be significantly less expensive for your entire site launch costs

  • Step 3 -Your Inventory Spreadsheets

Depending upon the nature of your product and options required by your store, you must provide a spreadsheet of your product inventory. This spreadsheet is critical to the site built and a good spreadsheet will keep your lunch cost down.

We do not encourage you to pre-build your product inventory spreadsheet until we confer and look at your template to determine what format the spreadsheet must be in for easy import into your online store.

  • Step 4 – Merchant Account

Taking credit card online required and online merchant account. Even if you accept credit card now, and you might not have an online merchant account yet.

You must choose if you want to accept visa and Mastercard only, or if you only want to accept other cards, such as discover, American express, or even online check. There are fees charged by the merchant account you select and they can be monthly fees as well as percentage of online sale. Please read the documentation carefully.

  • Step 5- Authorizing Agent

E-commerce requires that an online source verify that is credit card is valid not only does this protect your business but also it reduces charge backs on returned items services and prevents fraud

E-commerce requires that an online source verify that each credit card is valid. Not only does this protect your business, but also it reduces charge backs on returned items services and prevents fraud.

Most ecommerce templates are set up to work with only certain longstanding reputable authorizing agents

There is a setup fee and monthly fee that is charged only by authorizing agent. The setup fee is approximately 100 dollars and the monthly charge is approximately 20 dollars. These charges are billed to your business’ credit card

Other E-Commerce


You can choose to use PayPal for ecommerce. PayPal act as a merchant account and credit card verifying agency all in one. You can login to PayPal, set up an account and read the rules and policies. Most ecommerce templates work with PayPal


Choice for Authorizing Agent


The choice as to which sort of authorizing agent you want to use is up to you. We urge you to read the fine print and understand how much each one will cost.

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