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The Question , is that the net relevant to e-commerce?

The Internet permits individuals from everywhere the planet to induce connected inexpensively and dependably. As a technical infrastructure, it’s a world assortment of networks, connected to share info employing a common set of protocols.

Also, as a huge network of individuals and knowledge, the web is AN enabler for e-commerce because it permits businesses to showcase and sell their merchandise and services on-line and offers potential customers, prospects, and business
partners access to info regarding these businesses and their merchandise and services that may result in purchase.

Before the web was used for business functions, corporations used personal networks cherish the EDI or Electronic information Interchange-to interact business with one another.

That was the first type of e-commerce. However, putting in and maintaining personal networks was terribly big-ticket. With the web, e-commerce unfold chop-chop owing to the lower prices concerned and since the web relies on open standards.

How is very important;AND computer network for a business participating in e-commerce?

An computer network aids within the management of internal company info that will be interconnected with a company’s e-commerce transactions (or transactions conducted outside the intranet).

In the maximum amount because the computer network permits for the instant flow of internal info, important info is at the same time processed and matched with information flowing from external e-commerce transactions, permitting the economical and effective integration of the corporation’s structure processes.

In this context, company functions, selections and processes involving e-commerce activities area unit a lot of coherent and arranged. The proliferation of intranets has caused a shift from a class-conscious command-and-control organization to AN information-based organization.

This shift has implications for social control responsibilities, communication and knowledge flows, and work cluster structures.

E-commerce is AN “equalizer”. It permits start-up and small- and medium-sized enterprises to succeed in the world market.

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