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In the rising international economy, e-commerce and e-business have progressively become a
necessary part of business strategy and a powerful catalyst for economic development.

The integration of knowledge And engineering (ICT) in business has revolutionized
relationships among organizations.And those between and among organizations and people.

With developments within the net and Web-based technologies, distinctions between ancient
markets and also the international electronic marketplace-such as business capital size, among
others-are bit by bit being narrowed down.

The name of the sport is strategic positioning,the ability of an organization to work out rising opportunities Associate in Nursingd utilize the mandatory human capital skills (such as intellectual resources) to create the foremost of those opportunities through an e-business strategy that’s easy, executable and practicable among the
context of a world data surroundings and new economic surroundings. With its impact of
leveling the taking part in field, e-commerce plus the suitable strategy and policy approach
enables tiny and medium scale enterprises to vie with massive and capital-rich

On another plane, developing countries square measure given enlarged access to the worldwide marketplace,
where they vie with and complement the a lot of developed economies. Most, if not all,
developing countries square measure already collaborating in e-commerce, either as sellers or consumers.
However, to facilitate e-commerce growth in these countries, the comparatively underdeveloped
information infrastructure should be improved.


• High net access prices, together with association service fees, communication fees, and
hosting charges for websites with enough bandwidth;
• restricted convenience of mastercards and a nationwide credit card system;
• Underdeveloped transportation infrastructure leading to slow and unsure delivery of
goods and services;
• Network security issues and poor security safeguards;
• Lack of masterly human resources and key technologies (i.e., inadequate skilled IT
• Content restriction on national security and different public policy grounds, that greatly
affect business within the field of knowledge services, reminiscent of the media and recreation
• Cross-border problems, reminiscent of the popularity of transactions underneath laws of different association
member-countries, certification services, improvement of delivery ways and customs
facilitation; and
• The comparatively low price of labor, which suggests that a shift to a relatively capital
intensive resolution (including investments on the development of the physical and network
infrastructure) isn’t apparent.

It is recognized that within the modern era, net commerce may be a powerful tool within the
economic growth of developing countries. whereas there square measure indications of e-commerce patronage
among massive corporations in developing countries, there looks to be very little and negligible use
of the net for commerce among tiny and medium sized corporations.

E-commerce guarantees higher business for SMEs and property economic development for developing countries.
However, this can be premised on sturdy political can and smart governance, additionally as on a
responsible and verifyi non-public sector among a good policy framework. This primer
seeks to produce policy tips toward this finish.

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