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Our Story

We look forward to Foreign trade observe with accrued on-line exposure, improved on-line reputation of management, a lot of targeted to leads and new client base, and to turning into a valued supply partner to foreign parties in observe with religion, growth and success!.

Our Approach

The Company has into commitment, “To build out there world category quality of products at cheap costs to its shoppers yet it’s responsibility to satisfies urge to serve mother land via Foreign trade.”

Meet the Team

We have learned that if we tend to get this stuff right, everything from service to cooperation must productivity and sales is exponentially improved

Savita Sabale

Administrative Director

Savita is MA economics and social science additionally regular broadcaster and is in high demand for his glorious teaching shows on varied aspects of social science. She additionally writes a monthly column for regional magazine and speaks across the nation and internationally on social science.

Ajay Bhalerao

Administrative Director

Ajay is master’s degree in materials and Operations with twelve Years of expertise in supplying & offer chain,Distribution And SAP SCM procurement. He is high demand for his practice Services shows on numerous Stages of SAP project Implementations.

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You may requesting your quote on sales@emauryaa.com for the on top of product catalog.

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